Dear Customer

We have upgraded the webmail software on this server! It is better than before and should be easier to use.

The username and password is unaltered.

Please click here to access your webmail



Q. Why have you changed the software?
A. The previous software was old and complex and difficult to upgrade. The new software – Roundcube – is significantly better in many ways.















Q. My email address looks wrong?
A. You need to change your Identity Settings.


Q. I can’t see all my email. Where is it?
A. You will need to re-subcribe to your missing folder. You do this by clicking on Settings at Top Right then select Folders on the left and click where indicated to subscribe to missing folders. Then under Preferences you can select Special Folders and assign them accordingly.









Q. I don’t have a note of my password?
A. If you can send us an email at support@double6.co.uk from another email account. Include the following in your email. Your full username and a mobile number number where we can reach you.

Q. I have no other access to email?
A. Please call us on 0845 508 1950. The office is manned 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday but a voicemail facility is available out of hours. Please ensure you tell us your full username and leave a mobile number in any voicemail.